Sebastian Sauve & Anni Jürgenson for Esquire Magazine November 2013 by Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda


Sebastian Sauve and Anni Jürgenson had starred an editorial for Esquire Magazine. The models poses in a sexy way for Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda in a shoot called Romeo & Juliet.

210_MODA_VERDE copia-1

210_MODA_VERDE copia-13  210_MODA_VERDE copia-3 210_MODA_VERDE copia-4 210_MODA_VERDE copia-5 210_MODA_VERDE copia-6 210_MODA_VERDE copia-7 210_MODA_VERDE copia-8 210_MODA_VERDE copia-9 210_MODA_VERDE copia-10 210_MODA_VERDE copia-11 210_MODA_VERDE copia-12


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