Ola Rudnicka & Maja Salamon for Vogue Japan March 2014 by Paolo Roversi

Editorial, fashion models

Ola Rudnicka & Maja Salamon have starred an editorial for Vogue Japan called “Mysitical Season”. The models are photographed by Paolo Roversi wearing outfits inspired on African tribes  combining different kind of prints on flashy colors, and all styled by Nicoletta Santoro.

gxl_52e91ed7-69f4-43fb-94da-27840af4b6c2 gxl_52e920b3-14c0-4d9b-8fbe-42110af4b6c2 gxl_52e920ef-6614-4015-bcef-7f6d0af4b6c2 3??_033_Well Paolo Roversi_??_CS6.indd gxl_52e92005-edc4-4a9e-9c04-42070af4b6c20 gxl_52e92063-8d04-4907-9a3c-14d90af4b6c2 gxl_52e92124-cf74-411e-a37a-42110af4b6c2

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