Emil Anderson and Sofia Fisher for Neo 2 by Sebastian Sabal-Bruce

Cover, Editorial, fashion models

Emil Anderson and Sofia Fisher star the cover and an editorial for Neo 2 February 2014 called “Long hair”. The models are captured by Sebastian Sabal-Bruce in this large sesion, almost entirely in black and white. Styled by Ana de Gregorio, they look gorgeous wearing fashion ourfits of the latest trend for brands like Burberry, Dior, G-Star, Converse, Pepe Jeans London, Diesel and H&M among others.


Sofia Fisher Neo 2 cover 20140131123457_0000120140131123457_00002

20140131123457_0000320140131123457_00004 20140131123457_00006

Sofia Fisher Neo 2 20140131123457_00007 20140131123457_00009 20140131123457_00014

20140131123457_00012 emil neo 2 emil neo 2b20140131123457_00011 emil neo 2c

Sofia Fisher Neo 2b emil neo 2d

20140131123457_00005 emil neo 2xz    20140131123457_00008   20140131123457_00016  Sofia Fisher Neo 2 coverr   Sofia Fisher Neo 2m Sofia Fisher Neo 2x


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