Miguel Iglesias by Fernando Gómez for Adon magazine

Editorial, fashion models, model agency spain

Miguel Iglesias  photographic by Fernando Gómez in a editorial inspired in the nowadays men using a casual and modern look all dressed by Chiqui Peña and hairstyle by Rosa Matilla. Iglesias’s uses clothes and accesories of: Sandro, Calvin Klein, Panaman Jack, Unno, Fred Perry, Police, Marciano Guess, G-Star Raw, Claveless, Sinner and John Galiano.

Adon_8_HighResSpreads-41 Adon_8_HighResSpreads-42 Adon_8_HighResSpreads-43 Adon_8_HighResSpreads-44 Adon_8_HighResSpreads-45 Adon_8_HighResSpreads-46 Adon_8_Himiguel iglesias Adon_8_Hmiguel iglesias Adon_miguel iglesias


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