Federico Dorcaz for Selim de Somavilla by Alejandro Brito

fashion models, Lookbook, model agency spain, Now Representing

Selim de Somavilla presents Federico Dorcaz photographed by Alejandro Brito for their lastest look book inspired in the London fashion issue mixing darken and unsaturated colors with stripes and patches forms.

Looks_Selim007 Looks_Selim009 Looks_Selim012 Looks_Selim025 Looks_Selim030 Looks_Selim037 Looks_Selim055 Looks_Selim068 Looks_Selim077 Looks_Selim084 Looks_Selim086 Looks_Selim104 Looks_Selim111 Looks_Selim123 Looks_Selim128 Looks_Selim134 Looks_Selim143 Looks_Selim150 Looks_Selim158 Looks_Selim170 Looks_Selim170b Looks_Selim175 Looks_Selim185 Looks_Selim193 Looks_Selim199 Looks_Selim207 Looks_Selim217 Looks_Selim224 Looks_Selim231 Looks_Selim241 Looks_Selim248 Looks_Selim259 Looks_Selim267 Looks_Selim271



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