Roch Barbot for Esquire Spain by Daniel Riera

Editorial, fashion models, model agency spain, Now Representing

Roch Barbot wearing minimalists clothes in black, blue, grey and white colors photographed by Daniel Riera for the latest Esquire Spain issue called “Minimalisme”.


182_BBB_MODA_Gris-2 182_BBB_MODA_Gris-2B 182_BBB_MODA_Gris-3 182_BBB_MODA_Gris-3B 182_BBB_MODA_Gris-4 182_BBB_MODA_Gris-4B 182_BBB_MODA_Gris-5 182_BBB_MODA_Gris-5B 182_BBB_MODA_Gris-6 182_BBB_MODA_Gris-6B


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