Maud Welzen By Gemma Booth For Elle France

Editorial, fashion models, model agency spain

In the middle of a lonely highway and the vintage meadow there is Mau Welzen for Elle France Magazine latest issue photographed by Gemma Booth, styled by Chloe Dugast, hair by Perrine Rougemont and make-up by Eny Whitehead.

Elle_3573 (dragged) 1 Elle_3573 (dragged) 2 Elle_3573 (dragged) 3 Elle_3573 (dragged) 4 Elle_3573 (dragged) 5 Elle_3573 (dragged) 6 Elle_3573 (dragged) 7 Elle_3573 (dragged) 8 Elle_3573 (dragged) 9 Elle_3573 (dragged) 10 Elle_3573 (dragged) 12 Elle_3573 (dragged) 13 Elle_3573 (dragged) 14 Elle_3573 (dragged) 15 Elle_3573 (dragged) 16 Elle_3573 (dragged) 17 Elle_3573 (dragged) 18 Elle_3573 (dragged) 19 Elle_3573 (dragged)

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