Harleth Kuusik And Maja Salamon By Craig Mcdean For Vogue UK

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Vogue UK september’s issue presents models Harleth Kuusik and Maja Salamon photographed by Craig Mcdean, styled by Jane How, hair Anthony Turner and make-up by Lucia Pieroni.

harleth-kuusik-maja-salamon-nastya-sten-by-craig-mcdean-for-vogue-uk-september-2014-4 harleth-kuusik-maja-salamon-nastya-sten-by-craig-mcdean-for-vogue-uk-september-2014-5 harleth-kuusik-maja-salamon-nastya-sten-by-craig-mcdean-for-vogue-uk-september-2014-6 harleth-kuusik-maja-salamon-nastya-sten-by-craig-mcdean-for-vogue-uk-september-2014-7harleth-kuusik-maja-salamon-nastya-sten-by-craig-mcdean-for-vogue-uk-september-2014-2harleth-kuusik-maja-salamon-nastya-sten-by-craig-mcdean-for-vogue-uk-september-2014-8harleth-kuusik-maja-salamon-nastya-sten-by-craig-mcdean-for-vogue-uk-september-2014-9

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