Crista Cober By David Slijper For Uk Harper’s Bazaar

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Model Crista Cober stars UK Harper’s Baazar photographed by David Slijper, styled by Miranda Almond, hair by Alain Pichon and make-up by Hiromi Ueda.

crista-cober-by-david-slijper-for-harper_s-bazaar-uk-september-2014-0 crista-cober-by-david-slijper-for-harper_s-bazaar-uk-september-2014-1 crista-cober-by-david-slijper-for-harper_s-bazaar-uk-september-2014-2 crista-cober-by-david-slijper-for-harper_s-bazaar-uk-september-2014-3 crista-cober-by-david-slijper-for-harper_s-bazaar-uk-september-2014-5 crista-cober-by-david-slijper-for-harper_s-bazaar-uk-september-2014-6 crista-cober-by-david-slijper-for-harper_s-bazaar-uk-september-2014-7 crista-cober-by-david-slijper-for-harper_s-bazaar-uk-september-2014


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