Valerija Kelava for Vogue Paris by Nico Bustos


Model Valerija Kelava stars on the cover of Vogue Travel shot by photographer Nico Bustos in Paris. The editorial called “Reveling in red” was styled by France de Jerphanion and set in places like the Tuleries Gardens, the place de la Concorde and the Louvre.


1 Valerija Vogue  2 gxl_5406ecf7-32b4-4a3c-912d-0d1d0a771fd0 gxl_5406ed0a-28b0-4721-8739-53ae0a771fd0 gxl_5406ed1c-47d4-4f78-a6b5-14df0a771fd0 gxl_5406ed28-bb60-44a5-a875-539c0a771fd0 Valerija Vogue 1

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