Mariano Ontañon for Reflex Homme by Ari Mendes


Top model Mariano Ontañon photographed for the september issue of online magazine Reflex Homme. The images were taken by photographer Ari Mendes with styling by Iwona González.


1 blog-mariano-Reflex-Homme-September-2014-03 2 blog-Mariano-Ontanon-Reflex-Homme-Ari-Mendes-01 3 blog-Mariano-Ontanon-Reflex-Homme-Ari-Mendes-06 4 blog-Mariano-Ontanon-Reflex-Homme-Ari-Mendes-07 5 blog-Mariano-Ontanon-Reflex-Homme-Ari-Mendes-08 6 blog-Mariano-Ontanon-Reflex-Homme-Ari-Mendes-03 7 blog-Mariano-Ontanon-Reflex-Homme-Ari-Mendes-05 blog-Mariano-Ontanon-Reflex-Homme-Ari-Mendes-02 blog-Mariano-Ontanon-Reflex-Homme-Ari-Mendes-04


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