Sam Webb for Vogue Hommes Paris by Cédric Buchet


Editorial called “Night on Earth” starring model Sam Webb for the fall/winter 2014 issue of Vogue Hommes Paris. Photographs inspired in the 1991 movie by director Jim Jarmusch, with the same name as the editorial, shot by Cédric Buchet and styled by Mel Ottenberg.

Sam-Webb-Vogue-Hommes-Paris-001 Sam-Webb-Vogue-Hommes-Paris-002 Sam-Webb-Vogue-Hommes-Paris-003 Sam-Webb-Vogue-Hommes-Paris-004 Sam-Webb-Vogue-Hommes-Paris-005 Sam-Webb-Vogue-Hommes-Paris-006 Sam-Webb-Vogue-Hommes-Paris-007-800x511 Sam-Webb-Vogue-Hommes-Paris-008 Sam-Webb-Vogue-Hommes-Paris-009


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