Ola Rudnicka for Vamp Magazine #2 by Ward Ivan Rafik


Ola Rudnicka stars in editorial called “I`ve been thinking about you” photographed by Ward Ivan Rafik for the fall/winter 2014 issue of Vamp Magazine #2. Fashion editor Darcy Backlar chose pieces from DSquared2, Céline and Givenchy.

gxl_541bf4a1-fda8-4d03-b1db-0e670a771fd0 gxl_541bf4a5-7388-4b74-b9e0-41ac0a771fd0 gxl_541bf46c-db24-4af6-8980-59b80a771fd0 gxl_541bf473-3454-4ceb-b1bc-0e670a771fd0 gxl_541bf476-59d8-4406-855b-41ac0a771fd0 gxl_541bf480-d1b0-446f-b5a3-73bb0a771fd0 gxl_541bf485-0798-41a5-8af6-14230a771fd0 gxl_541bf489-22c8-43ea-8e8d-21970a771fd0-1
gxl_541bf491-cb50-413a-9f75-73bb0a771fd0 gxl_541bf497-f1a8-4f4f-9cd3-219f0a771fd0


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