Maximiliano Patane for Esquire Latin America by Andree Martis and Demian Dupuis


Model Maximiliano Patane wears pieces of the Fall/Winter 2014 collection of Louis Vuitton for this editorial for Esquire Magazine Latin America. The photographs were taken in Paris by Andree Marti and Demian Dupuis with styling by Pierina Feria.

Maximilano-Patane-Esquire-Latin-America Maximiliano-Patane-Esquire-Latin-America-001 Maximiliano-Patane-Esquire-Latin-America-002 Maximiliano-Patane-Esquire-Latin-America-003 Maximiliano-Patane-Esquire-Latin-America-004 Maximiliano-Patane-Esquire-Latin-America-005 Maximiliano-Patane-Esquire-Latin-America-006 Maximiliano-Patane-Esquire-Latin-America-007 Maximiliano-Patane-Esquire-Latin-America-008


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