Alexander Beck on the cover of Supplementaire #14 by Julien Bernard

Cover, Editorial

Model Alexander Beck is on the cover and on the editorial of the fall/winter 2014 issue of art and fashion journal Supplementaire #14. With photography by Julien Bernard and styling by Danielle Van Camp.

1 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-01 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-02 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-03 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-04 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-05 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-06 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-07 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-08 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-09 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-10 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-11 Alexander-Beck-Supplementaire-Julien-Bernard-12


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