Amalie Lund for Stradivarius by Enric Galceran


Amalie Lund stars in the November 2014 Lookbook for Stradivarius showing warm tones and fabrics for the season styled by Klara Morante. The images were shot by  Barcelona and New York based photographer Enric Galceran.


2111402_4_1_1 2111403_4_1_1 2111404_4_1_1 2111405_4_1_1 2111406_4_1_1 2111407_4_1_1 2111408_4_1_1 2111409_4_1_1 2111410_4_1_1 2111411_4_1_1 2111412_4_1_1 2111413_4_1_1 2111414_4_1_1 2111415_4_1_1 2111416_4_1_1


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