Gryphon O´Shea for Hero #12 by Victor Demarchelier


American model Gryphon O´Shea stars in fashion editorial for Hero Magazine´s latest issue shot by photographer  Victor Demarchelier. The stylist, Gro Curtis, used vintage and current pieces by Raf Simons and Helmut Lang.

Raf-Simons-Helmut-Lang-Archive-HERO-Fashion-Editorial-003-800x1051 Raf-Simons-Helmut-Lang-Archive-HERO-Fashion-Editorial-004-800x1051 Raf-Simons-Helmut-Lang-Archive-HERO-Fashion-Editorial-005-800x1051 Raf-Simons-Helmut-Lang-Archive-HERO-Fashion-Editorial-006-800x1051 Raf-Simons-Helmut-Lang-Archive-HERO-Fashion-Editorial-007-800x1051 Raf-Simons-Helmut-Lang-Archive-HERO-Fashion-Editorial-008-800x1051 Raf-Simons-Helmut-Lang-Archive-HERO-Fashion-Editorial-009-800x1051 Raf-Simons-Helmut-Lang-Archive-HERO-Fashion-Editorial-010-800x1051

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