Catherine McNiel for Interview Germany by Dario Castellani

Cover, Editorial

Top Australian model Catherine McNiel is the cover star of the December 2014/January 2015 issue of Interview Magazine Germany. The model also stars in an editorial, called “Supreme”, for the issue both shot by photographer Dario Castellani with styling by Andraes Krings.

INTERVIEW GERMANY DECEMBER1 Catherine-McNeil-INT_DE_1214_covers_150dpi_SRGB_doppelseiten-2-1024x654 Catherine-McNeil-INT_DE_1214_covers_150dpi_SRGB_doppelseiten-3-1024x654 Catherine-McNeil-INT_DE_1214_covers_150dpi_SRGB_doppelseiten-4-1024x654 Catherine-McNeil-INT_DE_1214_covers_150dpi_SRGB_doppelseiten-5-1024x654 Catherine-McNeil-INT_DE_1214_covers_150dpi_SRGB_doppelseiten-6-1024x654 Catherine-McNeil-INT_DE_1214_covers_150dpi_SRGB_doppelseiten-7-1024x654 Catherine-McNeil-INT_DE_1214_covers_150dpi_SRGB_-1024x654 2


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