Altug Elveris for DT Spain by Sergi Jasanada


Altug Elveris stars in editorial for the December 2014 edition of DT Spain Magazine. The spread called “Empieza la fiesta” (“The party begins”) shows the latest male fashion trends with styling by Fermin & Gilles and photography by Sergi Jasanada.

DT-213_Estilo Moda-1 DT-213_Estilo Moda-2 DT-213_Estilo Moda-3 DT-213_Estilo Moda-4 DT-213_Estilo Moda-5 DT-213_Estilo Moda-6 DT-213_Estilo Moda-7 DT-213_Estilo Moda-8 DT-213_Estilo Moda-9 DT-213_Estilo Moda-10


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