Blanca Belda for Adolfo Dominguez Holiday 2014 Collection


Blanca Belda models for the Adolfo Dominguez 2014 Holiday Collection. The model shows elegant coctail dresses that are perfect for the coming end of the year events.

1_Claves_Inv_Vestidos_Mujer 2_Claves_Inv_Vestidos_Mujer 3_Claves_Inv_Vestidos_Mujer 4_Claves_Inv_Vestidos_Mujer 5_Claves_Inv_Vestidos_Mujer 6_Claves_Inv_Vestidos_Mujer 7_Claves_Inv_Vestidos_Mujer 8_Claves_Inv_Vestidos_Mujer 9_Claves_Inv_Vestidos_Mujer 10_Claves_Inv_Vestidos_Mujer


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