Sebastian Sauve for L´Officiel Hommes Greece by Livia Alcalde

Sebastian Sauve models for the January 2015 issue of L´Officiel Hommes Greece. The editorial was shot by fashion photographer and filmmaker, Livia Alcalde, with styling by Pablo Patane.

Sebastian-Sauve-Falling-Angel-LOfficiel-Hommes-Greece-Fashion-Shoot-011 unnamed-1 unnamed-6 unnamed-4 Sebastian-Sauve-Falling-Angel-LOfficiel-Hommes-Greece-Fashion-Shoot-014 Sebastian-Sauve-Falling-Angel-LOfficiel-Hommes-Greece-Fashion-Shoot-015 unnamed-3 unnamed-5 Sebastian-Sauve-Falling-Angel-LOfficiel-Hommes-Greece-Fashion-Shoot-016 Sebastian-Sauve-Falling-Angel-LOfficiel-Hommes-Greece-Fashion-Shoot-013 Sebastian-Sauve-Falling-Angel-LOfficiel-Hommes-Greece-Fashion-Shoot-012 Sebastian-Sauve-Falling-Angel-LOfficiel-Hommes-Greece-Fashion-Shoot-008 Sebastian-Sauve-Falling-Angel-LOfficiel-Hommes-Greece-Fashion-Shoot-010 unnamed-2 unnamed Sebastian-Sauve-Falling-Angel-LOfficiel-Hommes-Greece-Fashion-Shoot-009


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